Questions are being posed. Discussions are growing louder. The hard look in the mirror has arrived.

2020 has been a year of incidents large and small, tragic and disheartening. It has been a year where a pandemic threw a glaring spotlight on the racial inequities of our healthcare system. It has been a year of violence in our streets because questions have been asked as to what is justice, what is law, what is order? What is murder? Why do we continue to live with institutionalized racism?

Speaker Series Topics:

Why City Colleges of Chicago Matters:

  • Championing Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion
  • Driving an Inclusive Economy
  • Catalyzing COVID Recovery Talkback
  • Creating Equity for Black and Brown Communities
  • Black Men Teach
  • Galvanizing Sustainable Change
  • Reimagining Black Student Achievement and Economic Success

City Colleges of Chicago serves an incredibly diverse student body as a gateway to both academic advantage and the potential of upward mobility. It has long ceased to be a holding ground for those with no other educational option. It is an affordable, quality education for those who seek a better life.

And yet it still can be out of reach.

City Colleges of Chicago matters because it is empowering the lives of Black Chicagoans. It serves a unique and critical role in this community and deserves the attention of the citizens it serves.

That is why in the month of January, the City Colleges of Chicago Foundation is bringing the strength of its seven colleges to bear for a series of live-streaming discussions – Seven Strong: Why City Colleges Matter.

Why City Colleges of Chicago Matters: Empowering Black Lives

  • Our anti-racism agenda places the elimination of anti-Blackness at the center of its work knowing anti-Blackness is the deepest, most enduring and damaging root of racism in our city and country. Addressing anti-Blackness opens the opportunity for all of us to live in a society more reflective of our vision and values as a city and nation.
  • City Colleges is already on the cutting edge of prioritizing equity and empowering our students– in 2020, each college released a strategic Equity Plan, a search was launched for an Associate Vice Chancellor of Racial Equity, and an anti-racism advisory committee made up of faculty, staff, students, alumni and administrators, is in the midst of being created.
  • Our diverse student population (more than 75% of CCC students are Black or Latinx) faces unique challenges that can deter them from continuing on their path to higher education and economic mobility–yet, despite the circumstances, CCC students succeed.
  • City Colleges also launched Fresh Start, a debt forgiveness program for students who left City Colleges with debt that prevents them from completing their degree or certificate. Fresh Start works with students to remove this debt, complete their programs of study, and achieve financial freedom, addressing historical racial and economic inequities.

 You Can Help

The City Colleges of Chicago Foundation needs your help to support our students as they persist, persevere, and ultimately achieve their academic and career goals no matter what may stand in their way. They want a quality education, and they work hard to attain one. Your donation directly supports our students in acquiring the services they need to put them on a path toward a certificate or associate degree, a four-year program, or a fulfilling career.

Why Donate to the CCC Foundation?

  • Our Black Excellence and Equity Fund creates a safety net for students, eliminating barriers to their academic success and ensuring an equitable space for them to flourish.
  • City Colleges of Chicago’s Emergency Fund was overwhelmed with applications when the CCC COVID-19 Emergency Fund was created. Funds have been exhausted, but requests for help are still coming in every day.
  • Scholarships and grants cover gaps that financial aid can’t, and are available to any student, including those who are undocumented.
  • The Chancellor’s Retention Fund provides direct support to students that face financial challenges and helps them cross the finish-line.
  • Student resources from Wellness Centers to Loaner Laptops are in high demand as students take part in remote learning and City Colleges offers all of our student services virtually. Supports like the Transfer Center, Tutoring Center, and Career Planning and Placement Center are always there to make sure students are reaching the goals they set for themselves.

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