How different is your workforce and workplace from two years ago?

Covid has reshaped our world.

It has impacted our health and our lives.

It has impacted the ability to teach and to learn.

The importance of essential workers has been brought to the fore.

It has impacted transportation and disrupted the supply chain.

Its impact has been felt by businesses large and small.

It has reshaped the workforce and the workplace.

And it has highlighted an urgent need to up-skill and diversify the workforce.

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Honoring the Essential Worker

Equity and Inclusion When Rebuilding the Economy

The State of the Supply Chain

Cannabis Education & Preparation: A Matter of Civil Rights and Radical Justice

A Call to Action for Equity and Inclusion

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Ella Flagg Young Award

Ella Flagg Young was the first woman in America to head a major urban school system and was superintendent of schools when City Colleges of Chicago opened its doors on September 11, 1911. This award is presented yearly during our Seven Strong event to a leader who has made a critical difference in Chicago through their partnership with City Colleges of Chicago.

Honoring Accenture as this year’s Ella Flagg Young Award recipient

James Coleman accepted the 2022 Ella Flagg Young Award on behalf of Accenture for their work to bridge the gap by raising awareness of apprenticeships and helping more businesses establish successful programs. Mr. Coleman shared in the final, in-person speaking event on May 25th, sharing how Accenture and City Colleges work together as industry leaders to address the skill gap and diversify the workforce.

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